Young Sloppy Brush's Photo Album

Visit One: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands


Visit Two: Gulfport, Florida

Young Sloppy Brush arrived a bit altered in the heat of Florida. HIS MOUTH MELTED OFF. But the kind art teacher, Ms. Rensel, hosting the visit, performed PLASTIC SURGERY. See the before and after photos below.
sloppybefore.jpg sloppy_new_mouth.jpgYSBhamilton.gif

Visit Three: Orlando, Florida

Students posing with their brushes and YSB. LONG LIVE THE BRUSH!


Visit Four: Seabrook, Texas

Visit Five: Houston, Texas


Visit Six: Katy, Texas

Visit Seven: Austin, Texas

Visit Eight: Burnet, Texas

Mr. Grungy Eraser came to visit my art room in Arlington Heights Illinois escorted by his art teacher Mrs. Melvin. Her students are working on their own movies about taking care of art supplies. By the way, did you hear what happened to YSB's Passport? During YSB's visit, migratory bats got into Mrs. Melvin's art room. They had to evacuate the room and set up classes in a different space. By the time the bats left (due to a frost) it was time for our brush to move on to his next location, but his Passport was lost in the move from one space to the other. Hopefully it will reappear. Thankfully, Mrs. Melvin made a replacement and sent him off to Hawaii.

Visit Nine: Kualapuu, Hawaii Third graders pose with Young Sloppy Brush from Kaulapu'u, Hawaii. Watch the super cute video inspired by his visit. Young_sloppy_brush_fanshawaii.jpg

Visit Ten: Paradise, California

Ms. Garcia sent pictures from her classroom as they anxiously await the arrival of their visitor soon. She has been preparing her students for YSB's visit with artwork about his travels and adventures along the way. Take a look at YSB masks, protraits, and landscapes of surfin' in Hawaii and lost in the Virgin Islands.
Pinwheels_Where's_Young_Sloppy_Brush_045.jpgYSBpics-002.gif Pinwheels_Where's_Young_Sloppy_Brush_046.jpg
YSB in Paradise on PhotoPeach

Visit Eleven: Tulsa, Oklahoma YSB loved coming to Oklahoma . We watched the video and visited the local art museum. YSB picked out a photo of his favorite painting and is bringing it along in his souvenir bag. We made YSB a small toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste to take on his travels because it’s important to have good hygiene when you travel. Ms. Erickson in Tulsa

Don't forget to email me your creative photo* with Young Sloppy Brush: Tricia_Fuglestad@yahoo.com

*Have fun with your students brainstorming a way to show off your unique school, community and/or culture as you pose with YSB!