The Story of


YSBanimating.pngworkingonmovie.jpgYoung Sloppy Brush all began from a suggestion by an art teacher in Texas who wished there was a Fugleflick about taking care of paintbrushes. My fifth grade students volunteered to spend their recesses telling this tragic yet educational tale of neglect and destruction.After three weeks of writing, singing, voice overs, and acting (with brushes) we had a final product! We really thought we had something special so we entered it into a local film fest, ScreenTest Student Fest where it won Best of Show! The prize was a plaque, a bunch of T-shirts, and a $250 cash prize (divided 25 ways).
One of the judges at this festival worked for The Chicago International Children's Film Festival. She asked us to submit Young Sloppy Brush into their fest. So began our brush's journey around the world. While at this festival the organizers of Kids for Kids Film Fest asked us if they could show YSB at their festival in Naples, Italy.

Then, Little Big Shots International Film Fest asked us if they could show YSB in their fest that traveled all over Austrailia, Singapore, New Zealand including a showing in Australia's famous Sydney Opera House!

Now that YSB's brush with fame has come to an end he is ready to go to schools around the world to prevent brushes from becoming sloppy!