Young Sloppy Brush wants to meet your students!

The star of the award-winning student made movie, Young Sloppy Brushwould like to visit your school and meet your students!
This collaborative project modeled loosely after the Flat Stanley Project gives you a chance to introduce proper paint brush cleaning, storage, and usage in a fun and creative way to your students while sharing in a collaborative world-wide project.

Here is the movie:

Young Sloppy Brush from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.

Here is how the project works!

1. Print the Poster to advertise your participation in this project!
2. When it's your turn Young Sloppy Brush (the actual star of the movie) along with a Full Quality DVD of his movie will arrive for one week to visit with your students. Here are some suggested activities:


3. Take a picture* documenting his stay in your art room (be creative, but only send a photo that has the necessary permissions to be posted online)
4. Attach the photo in an email to me at
5. Find the next person on the appointment schedule from the calendar page and send Young Sloppy Brush off to his next destination:)
6. I will add a point to the map to show that Young Sloppy Brush was at your school!
7. I will add your photograph to the photo album.
8. This is what your YSB travel case looks like. Try to keep it nice for the next person. There is a fold out travel schedule in the passport so you can manually check off your visit on the list and see who receives it next.

I will be collecting the photos of Young Sloppy Brush on the Album page. Join the Young Sloppy Brush Fan Club on ArtED 2.0 so we can connect with the group, have some discussions, and keep up to date.

At the end of the school year, I will collect all the images and try to put together a photo book that can be purchased (at cost) as a keepsake .

*Have fun with your students brainstorming a way to show off your unique school, community and/or culture as you pose with YSB!